Mail-order & returns

Film packaging for e-Commerce and mail-order business.

Thanks to its specific industry knowledge in the field of e-commerce and the mail order business, as well as its special facilities for shipping and returns applications, beck packautomaten offers customised solutions for efficient and cost-effective processing of shipping and returns.

Shipping package 1

Mail-order packaging with shipping label.

Shipping package 2

Mail-order packaging with shipping label.



Shipping package 3

Resealable mail-order packaging with tear-open perforation and carry handle.

Shipping package 4

Mail-order packaging with barcode.

Shipping package 5

Resealable mail-order packaging with tear-open perforation.

Returns package 1

Tight, well-shaped and true to original packaging of returns.

Returns package 2

Tight, well-shaped and true to original packaging of returns.

Returns package 3

Tight, well-shaped and true to original packaging of returns.

Returns package 4

Tight, well-shaped and true to original packaging of returns.

Efficient and customer-friendly: Shipping packaging from beck packautomaten

e-commerce is becoming an increasingly important subject for commerce. In addition to attractive products, perfectly functioning logistics and smooth order processing, mainly the shipping and the processing of returns are crucial for economic success. Therefore, beck packautomaten supports you for shipping and returns with professional shipping and return packaging that meets the highest requirements for efficiency and customer friendliness.

Logistics and economic requirements for shipping packaging

Shipping packaging should meet various logistics and economic requirements. On the one hand, it must provide reliable protection against environmental influences; on the other hand, it must at the same time be easy to open and without aids for the purpose of customer friendliness and ease of use. For example, shipping bags with carrying handle are particularly practical. Furthermore, as little packaging as possible should be shipped, not only for material savings reasons but also for environmental protection. Attractive visual appearance also plays an important role for shipping packaging because finally it is crucial for the first impression of the customer.

Particularly relevant due to the still high number of returns: Ideally, the shipping packaging should also be suitable for the return of goods. Therefore we can also realise reclosable and stable packaging for your products. This satisfies customer satisfaction as well as ecological and economic objectives. beck packautomaten also supplies you with return packaging, using which returned items can be repackaged tightly, elegantly and as originally packaged.

beck packautomaten provides know-how and comprehensive industry knowledge

Thanks to comprehensive industry knowledge in the area of e-commerce and mail order, beck packautomaten can provide you with customised special solutions for your shipping packaging. Together with you, we develop not only the appropriate packaging for your goods but also holistic and integrated process lines that make your production and packaging processes more efficient. Our expert team has relevant mechanical engineering know-how and product understanding across industries and can thus always provide you with an optimum solution.

Shipping packaging is much more than a means to an end – in addition to the protection function, it also has a very practical use as means of communication. Therefore rely on the proven quality of beck packautomaten for the packaging and shipping of your products and ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction.