Printing & paper products

Film packaging for a variety of printing & paper products.

beck packautomaten offers different packaging systems and solutions for packing printing and paper products, such as magazines, brochures, books, office and leisure goods in general, cardboard boxes and carton blanks, bound paper and cardboard goods, as well as loose paper or cardboard goods, paper rolls, and much more.


Shrunk packaging of books in most different dimensions.

Stacks of magazines

Shrunk packaging of soft-cover-magazines in most different dimensions.

Paper cups

Shrunk packaging of cylindrical products in most different dimensions.

Loose papers

Shrunk packaging of loose papers and paperstacks.

Crepe paper rolls

Shrunk packaging of rolls in multiple units side by side.

Handicraft papers

Shrunk packaging of loose papers.

Check-out tills

Shrunk packaging of e.g. rolls of thermopaper for tills.

Paper labels

Shrunk packaging of printed, loose papers.

Application files

Shrunk packaging of office supplies.

Carton egg

Shrunk packaging of round and moving products.

File cards

Shrunk packaging of office supplies.

Paper bags

Tight and loose packaging of paper bags.


Tight loose and well-shaped packaging of magazines and mailings.


Shrunk packaging with package insert.

Parcel sets

Shrunk packaging of carton with package insert.

Paper plates

Shrunk, well-shaped packaging of round products.

Baking papers

Tight loose packaging with print mark.

Road maps

Shrunk packaging of multi-piece goods.