Have you already discovered our new logo?
Just in time for the 60th anniversary, our logo can look forward to a fresh packaging: With a revised typeface, a new ratio and optimized legibility for all media, we get ready for the future.

Customers all over the world know our black and yellow logo. But who can say by gut instinct that two converging film rolls can be seen here?

The characteristic graphic for beck packautomaten was based on our beck-Serienpacker principle and has accompanied us for many decades - just like our longtime customers. That`s why it was so important to us not only to preserve the core of our distinctive logo, but to focus even more clearly on it.

Even if we prepare for the future, we remain loyal to our values ​​and our promises. Even more: With our packaging machines, we will create it significantly more flexible and sustainable for you in the future.

Best regards

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Alexander Deharde


beck-Serienpacker SXJ

The beck-Serienpacker with the proven packaging principle ... how it all has started 60 years ago! You set the pace. With our pulsed SXJ for optimum product handling as a stand-alone solution or as a customer-specific packaging line.


New trainees for the continuation of a future-oriented and successful company.