4-sided sealing

Application examples

Thanks to the Serienpacker principle, 2 side sealings and 2 cross sealing movements, a 4-sided shapely package is made.

Euro hole

Application example

A special sealing tool in the cross sealing area creates a Euro hole so that the package can be better presented at the point of sale.

Carrying handle

Application example

For easy transport of packaged goods with advertising appeal, a carrying handle is applied using a special sealing tool on the packaging.

Carrying strap

In order to hang packaged goods at the point of sale, a carrying strap is sealed into the packaging.

Print image

Application example

Thanks to a special sensor system, a film printed on one or both sides is processed.

Labelled packaging

Application example

A labeller, which is integrated into the packaging machine, applies the label directly onto the film, whereas the external labeller applies it onto the packaged product.

Tear-open strip

Application example

In order to make the package easier to open, a tear-open strip is sealed with the film.

Tear-open perforation

Application example

In order to make the package easier to open, perforations are made on one or both sides in the package.

Green dot


A green dot pre-printed on the film shows that the packaging can be easily recycled.

Packaging with an information tag

Application example

By using an application system, additional information is attached to the product before it is packed.

Marked packaging


During the packaging process, consumer information, the date of manufacture or special codes are printed on the film, for example using inkjet or thermal printing systems.

Shipping packaging

Application example

For shipping packaging with coloured film, a shipping label is applied during the packaging process. The shipping packaging may be equipped with a carry handle and can be resealed.

Resealable bag

Application example

In order to reuse packaging, a resealable bag is available, which is made of different adhesive and sealing systems.

Set packaging

Application example

With set packaging, two complementary components, which are to be packed separately due to their characteristics, are packed together.