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beck-paperbag Serienpacker vs

Paper packaging as an alternative to film packaging

The packaging machine produces stable 4-side sealed paper bags with the help of the proven beck-paperbag Serienpacker principle and offers everything that a packaging line must have. In the development of our paper packaging system, our great expertise from more than 60 years in the field of packaging systems was used and implemented, whereby user-friendliness and reliability are a matter of course.


beck-paperbag Serienpacker SXJ pb vs for the packaging of in pergamin paper prepacked textiles

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The beck-paperbag Seriespacker is a perfect alternative to film or cardboard packaging and provides an optimal answer to the requirement for sustainability and circular economy.

Unbleached as well as bleached paper can be used, unprinted or printed. Additional consumables such as glue or sewing threads are not required. The used packaging material can be disposed in the waste paper and thus returned to the material cycle.

With the beck Serienpacker principle, we have chosen our proven packaging principle, which ensures that products of different sizes are packaged and monitored one after the other in a process-safe manner. The products are always packed in the same width, attractively shaped paper bags. Stable sealings on all 4 sides of the bag ensure that the paper bags meet the requirements of logistics and that, for example, mail-order goods arrive well protected at the customer.

Can be equipped with a wide range of options as:

  • Integration of scanning and labelling systems
  • Integration of infeed and outfeed conveyors
  • Integration of reject systems
  • Integration of venting systems
Product length:
150 - 600 mm*
Product width:
50 - 400 mm*
Max. product height:
120 mm*
Max. output:
1200 bags/h*

*depending on product, feed, labelling, paper quality

Serienpacker for E-commerce and mail order: Back and forth with success.

Whether the same size or adapted for the product. With printed paper or with a clear view of the product. Our beck-paperbag Serienpacker for the e-commerce industry meet many different requirements. With scanning and labelling, including continuous product tracking - as standard.

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beck packautomaten:
The packaging manufacturer
for your success

The protective packaging of products has a decisive influence more than ever before on the company success as not only logistics and economic factors depend on it but also purchasing decisions and customer satisfaction are significantly influenced. Accordingly, not only protection plays a role for high quality packaging but also the efficient use of resources and the visual components of the packaging. The appropriate solution and thus the choice of a professional packaging manufacturer should therefore not be left to chance.

beck packautomaten provides you with not only flexible standard machines for paper, film and shrink-wrap packaging of many different products but also the development and integration of individual packaging lines for efficient processes.

Customised solutions for all industries and products

With beck packautomaten, you have found a packaging manufacturer who can provide intelligent packaging solutions across products and industries. We combine our specific technical know-how with extensive industry knowledge into an optimally matched packaging process.

We supply customised solutions completely in accordance with your needs for:

  • › Print and paper products
  • › Textile products
  • › Shipping and return applications
  • › Plastic and rubber products
  • › Technical products
  • › Food and beverages
  • › Household and recreational products
  • › Contract packaging
  • › Health Care
  • › Wood products

Our machine technology includes state of the art Serienpackers, form, fill and seal machines, banding machines and shrink tunnels that provide high quality packaging results thanks to outstanding functionality.

Innovative technology and first class service at beck packautomaten

As an innovative, family-managed business, our knowledge, our experience and our unique packaging machines represent the capital that makes us one of the leading packaging manufacturers. You can expect not only the best technologies and packaging results from our competent expert team but also comprehensive and personal service. Not only before the purchase but also after commissioning of the packaging systems, we are always a strong partner at your side and support you in the technical area for training, servicing and overhauls. We always guarantee you efficient and high performance packaging.

Our customers have been putting their confidence in the innovative technology and the first class service of beck packautomaten for more than fifty years. Therefore, we do our best every day to be able to offer you individual and high quality packaging solutions. Our objectives are your satisfaction and your success.