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beck sleeve wrapping machines: All-rounder for single and multiple units.

The beck sleeve wrapping machines are real all-rounders. They offer reliable packaging for single and multi-piece units in all forms. With 2 rolls of flat film and 2 cross sealing movements, a sleeve and shrink wrapped packaging is made, which has an open outer side. The beck sleeve wrapping machines are used in stand-alone mode, as well as integrated into a production line, on-line or with a collecting and grouping station. Whether for manual or automatic feeding, the beck sleeve wrapping machines are available in different widths and for different performance requirements.

beck banding machines: The reliable all-rounders

Banding machines from beck packautomaten are the optimum solution for reliable and edge protection packaging of diverse products. The high quality all-rounders are specialised in banding of both single-item as well as multipack units. Two film rolls are used and, together with two transverse sealing movements, ensure open banding at the outer sides. beck banding machines are particularly frequently used in the area of print and paper products. However, food and many other products can be firmly and reliably grouped and packaged using a banderole.

Many possible applications of beck banding machines

beck packautomaten provides banding machines in different designs and configurations so that we can develop the appropriate solution for every packaging requirement. For example, products with different length and height can be banded using the beck case packer without changing the machine settings while the beck all-round packer is particularly suitable for round and roll-shaped products. We also supply the appropriate banding machine for large-volume and heavy products or particularly long cycle times. Thereby, you can select between various working widths and passage heights and thus match the machine to your performance requirements. Intelligent and easy to use control systems ensure simple and reliable operation. At the same time, you can be certain of only obtaining the best quality and most powerful banding machines that satisfy your high requirements.

Flexible integration and automated processes

The objective of beck packautomaten is to provide you with comprehensive and functional packaging solutions, using which not only is your packaging improved but also your processes are optimised. Therefore, the beck banding machines can not only be operated as standalone machines but can also be seamlessly integrated into your production line. On-line or used with collecting and grouping stations, they ensure smooth processes with high efficiency. The feed can be performed both manually as well as automatically – completely according to your requirements. The printing of the banderole, labelling and other individual requirements can also be realised with beck packautomaten. We are happy to advise you about our products and to find an optimum and individual packaging solution together with you.