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beck shrink tunnels: brilliant results at most different kinds of film.

beck thermal shrink tunnels ensure excellent shrinking results. The core of the machine is a special control system combined with quick-response heating elements. For shrinking, heated air is led around the product packaged in film by using special airflow. This special airflow technique is the basis for exceptional energy efficiency. All beck thermal shrink tunnels are available in several sizes and performance ranges, as well as with the most varied transport systems, such as transportation rods or a plastic sliding belt.

Packaged securely and stable Shrink-wrap packaging from beck packautomaten

Shrink-wrap packaging is a secure and stable solution for the packaging of many different products and goods. Thereby, the film is first placed loosely around the product and then pulled together by passing through a heated shrink tunnel so that it lies tightly and securely without damaging the product. The packaging protects against dirt, dust and water, prevents any slippage of the product and also provides the visually attractive presentation and psychological anti-theft protection.

beck shrink tunnels for efficient shrink-wrap packaging

The highest level shrink tunnels can be found at beck packautomaten. The shrink tunnels operate with fast reaction heating elements and special air flows and thus ensure maximum energy efficiency with perfect and high quality shrink-wrap packaging. The machines available in different sizes and output adjustments are based on individual customer needs and can be equipped with different transport systems – completely as required. Our shrink tunnels ensure optimum results for different film types. Heavy or light and sensitive or robust products can be packaged exactly and with tear-resistant and stable film.
Thanks to continuously adjustable upper and lower heat, beck shrink tunnels are suitable for many different products and application areas. With optional functions such as cooled guides, cooling stations or plastic link belts, individual configurations can also be made.

Versatile possibilities and flexible design

Shrink-wrap packaging provides versatile possibilities for different product groups. For example, food can be packaged securely and visually attractive But large-volume textiles can also be shrunk to a space saving size. Shrink-wrap packaging is also a practical solution even for the secure transport of larger products.

The individual design of the packaging and the integration of the shrink tunnel in a comprehensive packaging process are also possible for shrink-wrap packaging from beck packautomaten. Our specialist team is happy to advise you about the versatile possibilities available from beck packautomaten and is always at your side – from the planning to the implementation to the servicing. The energy-efficient and high performance operation of our shrink tunnel, together with an intelligently designed packaging solution, ensure optimised processes and cost-effectiveness. beck packautomaten offers you not only perfect packaging but also economically sensible packaging models for the success of your company.